Daniel Grahame

Young Men's Suits.

For the cosmopolitan younger man,

we offer all the panache of Italian styling and while the finesse is on a par with European labels,

our price is not.


All elements are designed to work together effortlessly, creating a sophisticated 'must have' look.


Douglas and Grahame   manufacture the Wellington and Daniel Grahame Suits,

so you can be assured of their quality.

  • Daniel Grahame Dixon Suit

    A fine suit from Daniel Grahame, in a young cut, and lycra for ease of movement. Plain front trousers in Black Navy and Grey.

  • Daniel Grahame Dinner Suit

    A smart young man's dinner Jacket and trousers, with the satin stripe down the leg. Seen here with red bow tie and cummerbund.



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