New Prince of Wales Check suit

New Prince of Wales Check Suit:

It’s not everyday that a suit as gorgeous as this one comes on the market so act quickly because the stock will not be around for long.  In fact this was available in a navy, and all of the stock has gone! 
The Skopes Aintree is a Prince of Wales tailored fit 3 piece suit attention to detail is as ever – exceptional.
The smart horn buttons the stylish ticket pocket make this a suit that you really should want to own.

You can see from the pictures what we mean by tailored:

  • The trousers are shaped to your leg.
  • The arms will match the contour of your muscles.
  • The cut round the chest shoulders and waist if for a snug fit.
And when it comes to versatility, the elegant lapel on the waistcoat means that this suit can comfortably be worn as a two-piece either with a jacket or a waistcoat and still look dashing. Indeed the 4 button waistcoat is as unusual as it is stylish, and goes as well with jeans as it does this suit.