Waistcoats & Cravats: Outfitting the Groom & Ushers On Your Wedding Day

Waistcoats & Cravats: Outfitting the Groom & Ushers On Your Wedding Day

I wrote this for a bit of fun.  I love weddings, they are the best parties to go to. Everyone is always so happy, (well the odd sad person who is regretting not getting married that day, but it is a natural part of life).

The wedding day is when the men are called in to do their fair share. Leading up to this day, the bride and her maids have spent countless hours obsessing over every last lace detail, and the man has been able to sit back without a care.

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Slim fit Shirts

It is with delight that I can extend our offering of  mens Shirts, to include Slim Fit Shirts.  The Oliver Sharp range is truly exceptional, and we are very happy with the quality and price value.

The fine 100% cotton has a quality lustre to it, and as they are all machine washable, they are without doubt an excellent addition to any mans wardrobe.  hopefully in the future we will be able to extend the range to extra long sleeved shirts, as one of our goals is to offer products for everyone, at “off the shelf” prices.

Please try one, we offer free delivery and free returns if you are not delighted.

A Suit for Court

The life of an Internet Retail is not always easy, even if we are still in a growing market place.

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