Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite as naughtily as new lingerie!

With Valentine’s Day coming around scarily quickly after the Christmas frivolities have finally lapsed into the realms of memory, now’s the time when men around the world can be seen frowning at window displays, shifting uncomfortably on evening commutes and sweating in the perfume section of many a department store as they worry over the perfect Valentine’s gift.
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Timeless Christmas Gifts for the Modern Man

The modern man is something of a conundrum. Obsessed with the latest mobile and gaming technology, touch screen this and flat screen that and yet going back to using shaving brushes, cutthroat razors and wearing vintage clothes and riding old fashioned pushbikes. Of course the hipster trend is not ubiquitous but has certainly bled into most cultures and subcultures as we stand in 2015. Continue reading “Timeless Christmas Gifts for the Modern Man”