Eco Friendly.


We are about the environment. As an Internet company, we do not have big city offices to heat, or retail shops with the doors open onto the street pumping out heat. We all walk to work. We have some warehousing, a small office and servers.  So when you buy from us, you know that we are trying to do our bit in our small way, and that helps you do your bit.


We also try to do the following:


  • We run our business with as little paper as possible.
  • We do not print a separate catalogue.  Our catalogue is on-line.
  • We deliver directly from our suppliers where we are happy you get the service we want to offer. 
  • We turn off computers we do not need overnight.  
  • We recycle what we can.
  • And even compost what we can!



For the office in 2011, we have added 17 Sanyo HIT 235W solar panels. That means that during the day, while we work, we now pay for less electricity!