Rogue Breezy Buffalo Inyati Hat


Following the popularity of the Rogue Buffalo Hat, developed the Rogue Buffalo Breezy option

Rogue Breezy Buffalo Inyati Hat



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It is really comfortable to wear, especially on hot days or if traveling to warmer destinations. The breezy hat should be part of every person's summer wardrobe. Made from African Buffalo, this hat is an absolute stunner!

*Due to the nature of Leather and Canvas, colour variations may occur. 


Features Include:

  • Genuine African Buffalo
  • Medium Width Curved Brim
  • 100% Cotton Mesh sides
  • Flyband Finish
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for hot weather

Fabric Composition: 100% Buffalo (Mesh 100% Cotton)

Product Code: RG502


This is the story of Rogue hats as told by the owner of Rogue...

One of my mates asked me to design him a hat to wear in the bush. He said there was nothing he had seen in the shops that was right. I asked him what was "right".

"Leather" he said,, "All leather, and it must be the right colour. It must have a wide, curved brim with a stiffener around the edge that will retain the shape of the hat even if I drive over it".

So... we stitched it double in case he does!

"Shape," he said. "Get the shape right .. and call it Rogue, and I'll be your first customer".

So we did and he was! I see him often and he still wears that hat.

He designed your hat... I only make them!


How to measure your head.


Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears. Below is a hat measurement chart, which shows the hat sizes as used in the United Kingdom and America. Below that is the measurement in inches and cm round your head.


Hat Measuring Chart

  36 40 44 48 52
UK 6½" 6¾" 7" 7¼" 7½" 7¾"
US 6 58" 6 78" 7 18" 7 38" 7 58" 7 78"
Cm 52-53 54-55 56-57 58-59 60-61 62-63
Inches 21 " 21⅝" 22½" 23¼" 24" 24¾"