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At SuitsMen we are continually striving to make your life as a shopper easier. If we can help, we believe it will encourage you to shop with us again, far more than just a barrage of special offers and catalogues landing on your door.


With this in mind, we are developing the MySize section of this site. Once you are logged into the site, we will store your size details, so that as you browse, you will be able to see on the product pages if your size is available in each product. Making it a one click basket.


Also, if you request it, we can email you if we get something in that fits you. We know you do not want to know about products that will not even fit, but hopefully we can make sure you only get emails about items you will be interested in. If you have shopped anytime since 1999 at either EshopOne, LucyAlice or SmartSuits, then you will already know we are not big on a lot of emails.all you have to do, is give us a few details of you size, and what new products you are interested in, and when we get something that fits you...  we tell you!  


We hope MySize will help ensure we get more of the right ones to you.



To help you understand UK suit sizing, these are how UK and European sizes compare:


U.S. & U.K.


















For Bespoke items, made by Rupert The Tailor, we will store your sizes for each order, and if you want to change anything for your next order (Unfortunately we seem to change size throughout our lives!) then that is not problem, we can make to your new shape. It is imperative that you give us the sizes as we ask for them.  We know from experience, that just because a pair of trousers says it is a 34" waist, it does not mean that it measures 34".  So please measure your waist where or trousers sit, or the actual measurement of a pair of trousers.  To do this , do the trousers up, lay them flat, measure the flat internal measurement, and double it. That way we can guarrentee a proper fit! 

I do hope you enjoy shopping with us.


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